Dr. Heather Gaedt

Top Clinical Psychologist in Palm Desert
Dr. Heather Gaedt is ranked as a top Clinical Psychologist in Palm Desert CA
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Top Psychologists in Palm Desert, CA 2016
Dr. Heather Gaedt has been recognized as one of the top Palm Desert Psychology practices.
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Addiction Specialist, Sober Coach & Spiritual Advisor

Aaron Smith

We love what we do. We have worked with individuals, couples and families for several years and have enjoyed being part of many people’s life journeys. We provide a safe, warm, nurturing and confidential setting. We give empathetic feedback and unconditional support. Our goal is to help every individual find what is true in their core. We would feel honored to be part of your journey in reaching the goals you have set and have yet to set for yourself.

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"People in harmony with their spirit is like a river flowing. They go where they will, without pretense and arrive at their destination prepared to be themselves and only themselves."



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